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Stroke and its consequences

August 08 2014

human brain - is the most important organ of the person who controls all processesin the body. Any violations in his work fraught with very serious consequences: a dysfunction of certain organs or parts thereof, including death. One of the most dangerous lightning and diseases that affect the brain, a stroke. By its nature, a stroke is manifested in violation of circulation of the brain (acuteform), which lead to irreversible damage to the blood vessels and tissue necrosis of nerve fibers.

Due to the occurrence, stroke is of two types:

- ischemic, in which one or more blood vessels in the brain is blocked by a blood clot or plaque (cholesterol deposits);
- hemorragichesky in which there is mechanical damage (rupture) of the vessel. The reason for the gap artery aneurysm can be high blood pressure.

Any irregularities in the individual organs or systems due to stroke, are caused by necrosis of nerve cells in the brain that are responsible for the operation of theseorgans and systems (limb movement, speech, vision, etc.). The seriousness of the consequences depends on how big is the damage to the brain and how timely and properly was given first aid (well, further treatment). Among the most common are isolated:

- the loss or declinemobility. Sometimes complete (paralysis) or partial (paresis). There is usually one of the sides of the body (the affected side of the brain).
- loss of sensation. Observed in some parts of the body and is characterized by loss of ability to perceive information from the outside receptors (pain, temperature, etc.);
- impaired coordination. By thissecond category are most often manifested form of ataxia - facial asymmetry on the face (of altered coherence of different muscle groups);
- impaired speech, vision, hearing.

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