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The war - that terrible, destructive phenomenon that pursuingt or accompanies mankind throughout its history. Mass destruction, the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands of people (such as soldiers and civilians), grief, trauma - that's what little bears for a war. Reasons for war, in each case different, but there is the most common from the viewpoint of centuriestries and history: the struggle for resources, ideological, religious, national or individual (in the case of another dictator) reasons. War leaves indelible as a consequence of a society that each generation trying to leave the memories of it as a parting word about the consequences of failure toman to solve their problems by negotiation. Due to the rapid development of cinema in the second half of the last century all the necessary information to the public was much easier to communicate. in modern cinema formed a separate genre, which can also be divided into subtypes, depending on specific criteria: the era (the early centuriesor prehistoric era, the Middle Ages, the First World, Second World, Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc.), genre (realism, futurism, comedy, drama, etc.), budget, etc. Amid all this list, you can and should highlight the really good films that have significant meaning and firmly leave a mark in the minds of everyone. Operating systemoboe takes place category of films on the Second World War - the most massive and bloody conflict in human history. Among the most respected and important films distinguish the following, taking into account the country of origin: - USSR: "They Fought for Their Country" (defense of Stalingrad), "Belarusian Station" (the fate of fellow soldiers after yearsie war), "go to fight some old" (a film about a singing Squadron), "Seventeen Moments of Spring" (a film about the everyday life of the Soviet spy Shtirlitsa in the heart of the enemy), "The Cranes Are Flying", "Ballad of a Soldier"; - Russia: "In August, the 44th" (about the everyday life of counterintelligence), "Star" (the tragic fate of intelligence); - Ukraine: "The Company Of Heroes" (the most tragiction of the war of independence on the part of the UPA); - US: "Valkyrie" (related to the participants of the July plot against Hitler), "Windtalkers" (to participate in the war of Native American Indians), "Pearl Harbor" (History of the Japanese bombing of the American naval base). These are just a few, but some of the most iconic films that influenced thedevelopment of not only the cinema but also society as a whole.

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