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So, you are lucky enough to own private or holiday home (it is at home, not an apartment whereoh installation and operation referred to in this article is no longer possible default), who wants to maximize save on heating? Then this article is for you. To begin with we define the fact that we are likely to save on gas will be, as it is brought in almost every home (except for conscientious objection to this kind of general relativityprisoners, or else the physical absence of the gas pipe in the village). The question is quite relevant for our population, especially in light of the conflict with Russia and a new gas war (and not only the gas), which will inevitably lead to a significant increase in the price of gas. This is exactly what the people feel private houses equipped with gas boilers and counters. Pealnyh only two alternatives - electric or solid fuel boilers. In the first case you will have to pay extra for electricity significantly, change the wiring and listen to reproaches neighbor who jumps voltage. The second option is preferred, because of problems with the fuel (wood, coal and peat) is not observed. Incidentally quality tverdoliteynye boilers belloruskogo production Raton and Mozyrselmash you can buy Company   " Boilers Belarus ". Outset that throw trash on the gas boiler and solid fuel to change it - a very unwise decision. Better to put two boilers in parallel, exploiting, for example,as the main - is solid, and gas holding in reserve for hedging or during reboot and basic cleaning. As for the solid fuel boilers, here you have a great choice in terms of functionality, materials, facilities. First of all, you should decide how you will be fuel to heat the boiler and the purposes for which it sets youe. The question may seem strange, but finding the boiler work equally well on all types of fuel is practically impossible (despite the claims of vendors and manufacturers). Therefore, if selected as fuel wood, it is best to focus on specialized long burning boilers (Stropuva, ??Candle, SWaG, Buran) or Pirolaznye boilers (Atmos, Orlanski). The only thing that is not particularly emphasize sellers - is the quality of wood, or more precisely the moisture content, which significantly eliminates the dignity piroliznikov. Nobody prohibits the use of wood for conventional coal-fired options, but we should remember that calorie wood about 2 times lower calorie coal, andthen the boiler will have to download twice as fast. With respect to coal-fired boilers, there is very wide choice: upper and lower load, iron and steel, with control and without it, and fixed to the movable grate. The choice is presented as a domestic (Agroresurs, ATEM, retro, CET) and foreign (Kalvis, Viadrus, Sime,Buderus) brands. Furthermore, there is an interesting option called boiler-plate, which upper wall is cast iron hob, which further saves on the gas cooking. The choice is in your hands, the main thing to strictly adhere to the recommendations of the installation from the manufacturer, since otherwise have to throw another boproc eed to the correct execution of work and quite real, not warranty damage.

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