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Buying furniture in China

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What is really a "furniture round" and why inChina? The answers to all these questions, as well as some recommendations that will facilitate your stay abroad and enrich your life a great buy, we will give this little article.

- a short-term (up to a week) trip to China, and more specifically in the city of Guangzhou, for furniture, fixtures, building materialsand textiles, tableware, all kinds of accessories (vases, figurines, etc.). You're going to build a house, office, restaurant - then you have an opportunity to make a smart all in the shortest possible time without intermediaries, markups, and even in one place! Think about it - in Guangzhou and its suburbs are the largest specialized centers furnitureplumbing, lighting, which are exhibited in the leading Chinese manufacturers. Huge trade and exhibition centers with hundreds of shops – Permanent Missions to the Chinese factories. This is a huge list of different products, all styles and trends. Even highly advanced designers are inspired by so rich choicea.

Not much of a secret that 80-90% of the furniture market (meaning furniture stores and home) is represented by products from China. Even the notorious Italian and Spanish furniture assembled and designed under the strict guidance of the majority in China.
Organize your trip to China, beginning with registrationI visas and tickets up to complete, submit, and customs clearance company is engaged in organizing tours. You only need to fly and choose the products. It should also be noted that this type of shopping, suitable for individuals and organizations who are interested in high volume batch or wholesale, as it significantly reduces the final cost.

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