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Aqua Mineral Cosmetics (Aqua Mineral)

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Our Mother Nature is arranged in such a way that when the neois evenly activates repair mechanisms "for healing." In addition, nature has created a large number of springs with healing, restorative power of that at all times is widely used by people. In such regions, or near them based motels, climatic or spa resorts. One of the most famousamong tourists recreational regions of the world is the Dead Sea region. The healing properties of sea water, brine, mud written and said a lot. Unfortunately, touch and see firsthand all the works of nature given not for everyone - there still need to get. But to experience the healing effect of substances from the sea can be anyone. Matterthat on the basis of medicinal mud and salt creates a unique in its properties cosmetics (Aqua Mineral). Production on a commercial scale has been established in Israel, of course. Lead by the brand Aqua Mineral is Erman Cosmetics Manufacturing, which, moreover, is one of the largest cosmetic companies in the country. Krum healing mud, Aqua Mineral contains other equally important related components: seaweed, hips, grapes, etc. Given the rather revolutionary formula wisdom of generations, the need, you can count on excellent results. There is nothing superfluous and harmful - only natural substances that inhibit the processesaging and reduced defects. Due to the large number of active substances, Aqua Mineral Cosmetics has not straightforward, purposeful influence, and activates the hidden mechanisms within the body, the skin and, as a result of smoother skin, reduced layer of the epidermis, elasticity, freshness and health.

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