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Electrocardiographs Fukuda (Fukuda)

October 30 2014

The human body is one of the greatest natural mechanism, one of the greatest creationsNature. Like any mechanism created by the same person, his or her body needs constant replenishment of energy to be active and functioning. All we obtain the necessary resources, mainly from the food which enters the body, transformed and delivered to each individual cell. This is possible thanks to an extensive network ofblood vessels - highways cardiovascular system. In order to move the blood and perform their functions, needs a stable operation of one of the most important organs - heart. Naturally, like any mechanism (and the heart, in fact, really is presenting a multi-valve pump) it is subject to failure (disease pathologicalogiyam). Diseases of the heart and the entire cardiovascular system, according to statistics, are   cause the greatest number of deaths in the world. In such circumstances, it is important to regularly monitor the condition and function of the heart. This is not possible without the use of methods of ECG (electrocardiogram) and the modern ECGs. This device, whiche record and visualize the curve of heart rate in 12 standard leads. They can be both fixed and portable, different number of simultaneously broadcast channels and other peripheral functions. One of the leading manufacturers of ECGs in the world is a Japanese corporation Fukuda (Fukuda), based in the villageAlec 1939. Its capacity was the first in Japan and one of the world's first ECG. At the present stage, is represented in the Russian market with two top-selling models: CardiMax FX-8222 and FX-8322 / 8322R. They are equipped with a modern touch screen, removable and internal memory, the new converter, the ability to change ckorosti measurement and other functions.

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