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When Parkinson helps Kabazer

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In this blame heredity. At least, so say doctors: to ZabolEvan Parkinson predisposition are those who have been in the family such cases. All those diseases which are a group of neurodegenerative brain lesions, can be attributed to the category of « this is my grandmother & raquo ;.
Still can not blame age. The first signs of Parkinson's disease begin with 50-60 years, and then steadily illnessbut progresses. On the one hand, you Dozhilis! On the other hand, still live and live … Yes, just do not give the disease. &Nbsp; disturbed coordination of movements, shaking hands, legs and chin, while the body is constrained so that every gesture brings torment. When walking, the center of gravity is lost, and each step is fraught with the fall. And trembling like an aspen people foxest in the wind – &Nbsp; become weak and vulnerable,   is not able to elementary actions.

The picture is completed as if frozen face, slurred speech and saliva, disorder vegetatika. Memory and intelligence stored at the beginning of the disease, but gradually slowed down thinking, decreased attention and disappeart zest for life. The lot of many people who become ill with Parkinson's, it becomes chronic depression.

This whole organism razdryzg – due to the fact that the nerve cells of the brain lost its former power and can not properly respond to all sorts of impulses. The brain somehow loses its brakes, and motorreactions become chaotic. &Nbsp; The reason for such fundamental failures in the body called Parkinson's disease is a disorder of cerebral blood flow, which develops due to age-related vascular sclerosis. &Nbsp;

The general condition of the body and lifestyle directly affect the opportunity to developItijah disease. In addition to heredity and age contribute to the emergence of Parkinson's head injury, all kinds of cold and stress, as well as household chemical poisoning and parasites. The disease affects both men and women with the same degree of probability. &Nbsp;

and susceptibility to Parkinson's disease are the most paznye people – or high social status, wealth nor good nor even world fame does not save a person from any disease. &Nbsp; Pope John Paul II, Mohammed Ali and Michael Fox – such as Parkinson's disease victims, as mere mortals.  
disease, named after the doctor who first described it in the XIX century, continues to gripbe shaking their legs more recently healthy and strong people. And doctors are aggressively looking for tools capable to prevent and defeat Parkinson's disease, slow its progression, relieve the severity of major negative symptoms. &Nbsp;

The preparation of the Italian company PFIZER under the name widely used in Artwounds of Europe for the treatment of Parkinson's disease. Treatment with good results and significantly improves the quality of life for many older people.

The main active ingredient is the drug cabergoline, its action is directed to the lining of the brain response to certain impulses. The drug is an existing membertively reduces the symptoms of Parkinson's disease and slow its progression.  

can be on their own   the initiative, but it is desirable that this drug has appointed doctor. Significant side effects during treatment were noted.

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