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The role of the spine for the health of

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The human body - it is quite complex and interconnected system, whereBehold bodies, all the smallest cells interact with each other. It is difficult to give preference to any particular system (cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine, etc.), they are all doing their separate and, at the same time, the complex role. However, no matter how important parts of a coherent complex mechanism, they can not effectively workamb without a central control unit - the nervous system. One of the key elements is its backbone, which houses one of the main thoroughfares of the nerve leading to the brain - the spinal cord and nerve endings converge all of the organs and systems. In addition, the spine is also part of the skeleton - a basis of support-Motortionary unit. That is why back problems so radically affect all dependent systems. Insufficient attention to the health of the spine can lead to disturbance (diseases of the spine), as low back pain, scoliosis, rheumatism, sciatica and various complications. It is foolish to assume that these diseases affect onlyof a violation of posture or mobility, because the nerve endings of the affected vertebrae can carry signals to other organs, which means zboi they are working properly. Treatment of spinal disorders in outpatient or inpatient - a long and extremely costly. Therefore, the output of the situation can be the prevention of and methods fore Evminova. It involves the daily short-term training on dispensary Evminova - special inclined board, which helps to relieve stress and gradual unloading of the spine, which means prevention of excessive damaging factors.

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