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How to register your company

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Doing any business - it's DovAulnay complex process in terms of regulation of the activity itself. It's probably no secret that any business - is primarily a source of income for its owner. But, if you take, for example, the state as a legal entity, it is not this very entrepreneurial activity, but is required to have active income to coverand support various social and commercial applications the highest level. The state, in this sense, has a source of passive income, which act in the role of taxes and fees - a definite legislative framework (Tax Code), part of the income of individuals and entities, members of entrepreneurial activity that countsed in favor of the state and is the basis of the country's budget. Naturally, in order to effectively address and control the activities of any company, it is necessary to have data reporting, and it is not possible without official registration. This process is called the legalization of the company or, in other words, out of the shadows. Cleduet clearly understood that the size of the fiscal policy of the state in relation to each particular business entity depends on the type (that is, the legal structure) of the enterprise, the volume of its activities and the breadth of its markets. In general, any person (or group of individuals) can create a subjectbusiness activities in one of two basic forms: as an individual entrepreneur (FOP PE) and legal entity (LLC, JSC). The next step is to choose a name and the system (forms) tax (the revenue side of the state). The cost and duration of the registration activities depends on the chosen form of business etc.ce, and hence the number of documents required and the average does not exceed 7 days. Business Registration process consists of several stages and tend to occur in the following order:

- the preparation and provision of the minimum required for the registration of documents and explaineditelnoy information;
- preparation of a complete set of documents, inclusive, with the charter, protocol, registration card, etc);
- notarization of documents with the participation of the co-founders of the enterprise;
- actually, registration State fiscal authorities;
- Transfer finished a complete documentation package owner, etc.edpriyatiya.

From that moment the history of the company as one of the constituent building blocks of the economy of the state.

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