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Care of the body during sleep

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Few of us care about healthy sleep. And it wasbut it is essential for physical and mental well-being. To do this, you must give sufficient attention to the proper organization of bed. Looking in, you can choose a suitable design, shape and color of the bed. At the same time, experts recommend to pay attention to products made of natural materials. Still, the main aspect to waSheha wellbeing is perfectly chosen mattress, as it determines not only the quality of your sleep, but also the health of the spine – the most important element of the skeleton.

The criteria for selecting a mattress

Your task during a night of rest – provide relaxationparavertebral muscle corset to crack mezhhrebetnye discs, vertebrae and parted filled with liquid. Going to remember about the convenience and comfort. The most important feature of this product – rigidity, it should match your weight. The greater the weight, the more firm mattress should be. At the same time you must take account of whats another selection condition: the older your spine, the softer select potential bed.

When we sleep, all divisions of the spine should take a natural position. It is necessary that the spine is straight from the neck and to the end. Choosing a mattress, lie down on it and relax, take a pose, catoraya you prefer. Note that in the lateral decubitus position your waist obliged rest against the mattress, the lumbar should not sag. Then make sure the position of the lumbar cavities lying flat on his back. Ideally, it is pressed against the bed plane and not hanging in the air. Your palm while barely passes under the lower back.

It is also important for a painless sleep correct placement of the head on the pillow. Place the last so that she only touched your shoulder, because it « designed to » provide support to the cervical vertebrae and keep your head in the natural state, as in the standing position.

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