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The Arabs - a people inhabiting almost the whole of North Africa, Ivlyayas people total strength of more than 350 million people. The Arabs gave the world many discoveries, including mathematics, astronomy, literature. The basis of all these discoveries put a single rod - Arabic. Given the wide geographic dispersal of the Arabs, their language is the state in more than 20 countries. Learn arabicOn the language can become a real necessity for practical understanding of leisure as well as for real activity. As with any other language, the Arabic require replenishment of vocabulary and grammar development of its application in practice. In terms of application, the Arabic language still used in two equallybasic forms: classical literature (fuskha) and dialect (Maghreb, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Arabia, Central Asia). These two forms have an explicit scope: fuskha - official literary language and dialects - Elementary. Learning the language in this case, will have to start with the literary form, as it is theXia primarily for use on television, in the media, the official documentation. Arabic is quite flexible in terms of organization proposals and, at the same time, strictly structured (all words have strict organization that is subject to the same strict rules). Quite important for the perception of language, the moment is the fact thatwords are read in the same way as written. Learn the Arabic language itself is difficult, it is best to go here on Arabic courses yazyvka or hire a tutor, the way you can find it on the website

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