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What is a dental implant and how to install

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The stereotype of the so-called "Hollywoodsnow-white smile. "On the one hand, it is, of course, the influence of the modern world of fashion, which, as a result of all open (due to the spread of television and the Internet), in fact, leaves little chance of personal freedom and privacy. On the other hand, it can be seen as a very normal process of careful care of their teeth, and hnachit and their health in general. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of such an ideal state of the teeth, most have very specific problems until the edentulous or simply lack of individual teeth, and sometimes part of the dentition. Just how this unsightly appearance and discomfort (including psychologically) saidit is not necessary (especially if the problem concerns the front, the most visible teeth. But this problem is completely solved by methods of Prosthetic Dentistry, by installing implants. It is an artificial analogue composite root of a tooth. It is a most often spiral component based on titanium alloys, which simplifies the procedureits installation and the further process of osseointegration (splicing with the jawbone). usually performed as follows (subject to certain phasing):
- diagnosis of the organism in order to identify potential contraindications to the procedure;
- inspection and preparation of the oral cavity;
- Direct installationimplant (gingival incision, drilling the necessary holes and screwing the implant suturing gums). Since plant and extends up to the next phase of three to six months, to ensure engraftment of the implant assured. This, in fact, the implant is complete, but the process of implantation continues installing abutments (the basisYou crowns), and, in fact, prosthetic teeth.

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