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Vitamins from fatigue

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Health — a guarantee that the person will be enough energy for all zadumannye case: browse the directory found on request « dishes to order Kiev & raquo ;, cook dinner, set the sink in the bathroom … Often people do not pay attention to fatigue, explaining the lack of complexity of the work force, or laziness. But sometimes, to deal with apathy, you just need to start taking vitamins or compensate for the lack Mickelement deficiencies.

1. Iodine can help if you constantly want to sleep and proper rest does not give cheerfulness. With food, people often do not get enough of this trace element. The average person it should be 60-150 mg, and in certain diseases of the thyroid gland, and at a young age even more. In this case, lit.D milk about 35 micrograms per kilogram of vegetables and — 20-30. Adjusting the diet to include fish and seafood, you can avoid iodine deficiency.

2. Useful in fatigue vitamins B, vitamin B12 and particularly folic acid. The first necessary to transport oxygen to the internal organs Thrights, including the brain. It is found in meat, milk, fish. People who do not eat it, you should take drugs to avoid deficiency of this vitamin. Folic acid, or B9, is effective for depression. To take it in the form of the drug, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Her rich yolk, cheese, apricots and other products.

3. There are no reliable data on the positive effects of vitamin C on the condition of people suffering from chronic fatigue, but doctors have noticed that people with a lack of it often there are complaints of this kind. It is found in black currant, green peas, sea buckthorn.

Wellzhno remember that when taking certain drugs — for example, oral hormonal contraceptives — there is a lack of iodine in the body, and with intestinal dysbiosis — vitamin B12.

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