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Booze and treatment

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Alcoholism is one of the scourges of modern society peculiar. ParadoxicallyBut at all unrealistic high level of development, a man much more at risk of developing all kinds of addictions, including alcoholism. This happens because a person is extremely dynamic and destructive lifestyle, accompanied by constant stress, which in turn are often filmed alcohol. This is a serious Zaboltion, the dependence (both psychological and physical), the main consequence of which is a strong intoxication. For alcoholism (especially in the last stages) is characterized by long-term (from one to several days or even weeks) use of alcohol, which is called voraciously. It is often characterized by a general depressive stateyaniem and strong alcohol poisoning organism. In its simplest form can be called avidly process of getting rid of a hangover syndrome: the use of small doses of alcohol relieves the symptoms of a hangover, but only temporarily, and makes again and again to drink alcohol. For the treatment of binge requires an integrated approach, using methods of psychotherapyand and of drugs. You can certainly try to get rid of a hangover traditional brine, but its effectiveness in comparison with modern pharmacology is quite low. And here, just appear so-called pitfalls as a service "Withdrawal from binge at home." All lies primarily in the body's response to inputdrugs (especially psychotropics) that are used to detoxify the body and the subsequent removal of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, caused by lack of alcohol in the body. Their use is mandatory for the creation of a sedative (sedative) effect. But the main snag is that these drugs are subject to strict registered as drug users,and the doctor uses them in private practice, or violates the human right to quality product, any provision of   Penal Code regarding trafficking in narcotic drugs. Therefore, treatment of binge strongly recommended in an outpatient setting under the supervision of a doctor psychiatrist. Let's look. In health care facilities use the following FPICOba and preparations for the relief of binge:

  • detoxification infusion (drip) - in the composition of the mixture may include saline, glucose, and other drugs Haemodesum;
  • sedation - sedatives used type Fenozapama, propazin;
  • physiological therapy - performed for normalization of metabolism, with the help of vitamins and concomitant medications.
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