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What is a hysteroscopy

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The process of procreation is the basic instinct of all living creatures on ourth planet, including, of course, the most advanced of them - a man. Human nature is dualistic, that is, to carry out the functions maintain the population, requires a combination of male and female gametes. At the same time on the "quality" of the fetus directly affects the quality of most of these germ cells, and this, in turn, depends on the health of men and Women Prins. Moreover, if the man's health affects the quality of the transmitted genetic material, the women's health - is the key to it (the genetic material of the fetus) proper development, and the appearance of the light. That is why a woman's health, namely, sexual health, that is, the normal state and functioning of the reproductive organs, is the basisvalue problem in general medicine and gynecology in particular. Unfortunately modern lifestyle has a very sore point, and therefore the task of gynecologists is the development and introduction of new, more informative and less uncomfortable methods for diagnosis of various pathologies of the female genitals. One of these methods can be easily considered Histercastrated. Modern hysteroscope is a telescopic tube that is inserted into the uterus. At the same time comply with the minimum of its expansion, and even non-existent. At the end of the hysteroscope, which is directly inserted into the uterus, is a mini camera that transmits images to the monitor, as well as manipulation andnstrumenty. depends on the patient's body and from an expert who will do the operation. By the way in Moscow hysteroscopy can be done in University clinics group "I am healthy." Depending on the manipulation tool hysteroscopes all divided into two basic types:

  • Diagnostic - used to proconducting diagnostic examination, as well as minimal surgical procedures (sampling of biological material, removal of polyps, adhesions, etc.);
  • Surgical - applies in the case of the need for specific surgical procedures while minimizing discomfort (removal of polyps, fibroids, hasti endometrial etc.).
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