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Antiviral drug "Proteflazid"

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Today's society, despite the fantastic, with tpoints of view, even twenty years ago, the level of development (both scientific and technical, that and Medical), it is still susceptible to viral diseases. If we compare the statistics, the incidence will certainly be higher than twenty years ago. This is a direct consequence of the evolution of not only humans, but also viruses that are in an environment where people Vedat is extremely destructive lifestyle, find their victims with increased frequency. Looks even more dramatic this situation, for example, in Ukraine (yes, indeed, for the entire post-Soviet space), which, moreover, that does not have a well-developed medicine, so also feeling the effects of the Chernobyl disaster. In circumstances where arganizm most citizens deliberately weakened, require the use of antiviral drugs for the relief of the scale of the epidemic diseases. Domestic pharmacology in this regard boasts a new antiviral drug Proteflazid (for more details, visit the website:). It has a systemic effect on the body and that a considerableazhno has a vegetable origin, which makes it possible to achieve the desired effect without the risk of immune suppression. Proteflazid clinically active against herpes viruses, hepatitis, HIV. Ego action directed to inhibition of viral enzymes (DNA polymerase, neuraminidase and the like), and consequently, blocking virus multiplication. In addition itsecond, Proteflazid is a stimulant production base of human interferon, which directly enhances immunity and resistance to viral infections.

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