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What is pulpitis

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Today is one of the most relevant sections of medicine, because there is no such person on the planet, kotoing would not have ever had a toothache. For many, it is a serious challenge, as well as evidence that the simple caries moved to a more complex form, in which lesions amenable to internal balls tooth dentin and pulp. The latter is internal, the core of the ball tooth, which contains the beam vessels and nerves. When the pulp which is a complication of running caries is destroyed natural barrier between the pulp and the outside world. As a result, the patient develops inflammation in the connective tissues and neurovascular bundle pulp. In addition to caries, pulpitis cause of the following factors:

  • physical factors (are the consequences of disease or injury;
  • chemical factors (the consequences of wrong actions of the attending staff);
  • biological factors (related to exposure to the pulp infections).

Any oftypes of pulpitis can exist in two main forms - acute and chronic. On this depends the nature of the disease, its symptoms and ways of treatment. The acute phase is characterized by a pronounced pain in a particular area (hearth pulpitis). Violation of the shell makes the tooth acutely sensitive to thermal influences. Xronichesky pulpit, on the other hand, can occur completely asymptomatic, which once again makes the situation worse. Despite the fact that acute pulpitis considered in the scientific community reversible phenomenon (subject to the application of Ca-containing impurities), in most cases carry out the removal pulposus, the neurovascular bundle, followed by sealingth channel.

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