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Perfumes Chanel Chance (Chanel Chance)

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Chance Eau Fraiche - toilet water, which has a floral-fruity magic act, tastefuljuicy citrus, jasmine, patchouli and trees tico. This composition of flavors excellent choice for hot days. Coelho once wrote: "You can not have a single chance in life is sure to be another ..." In March 2007, first went on sale this fragrance. This perfume is different from the others with its refinement. For every girl or woman heand sound different, if to underline the mood. This eau de toilette is used for walking and for an evening option is the fragrance the best choice for girls who love to constantly change. Fragrance conveys all the shades of feminine love - from the modest to the fiery passion. Masterfully painted in pink, placed in a round butylochku crowning with frosted cap.
Perfume - The smell of spring flowers, it is a holiday that will always be in your purse, and luxury holiday madness. Also, together with spirits or water supplied tester - a demonstrative version of the fragrance, which is used together with the goods for the purpose of advertising and sales. There is nolarge difference between its original flavor and taste-vial. It is in the package: the original is sold in a beautiful pink box, at the time, as the probe only in the technical package. This beautiful fragrance creation of a new women's inspiration, lightness, freshness, where the intertwined jasmine and grapefruit, is a basic components. The main difference of this fragrance - originality, the seriousness of the challenge in exchange for the courage, to which no one has never addressed. All who first met fell in love with this fragrance the first time, and for so many years in a row do not change this aroma. By the way, buy perfumes Chanel Chance, please visit:

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