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How to cure fungus on my feet?

Decemb. 15 2014

The fungal disease, which has the scientific name of onychomycosis most often affects people neglecting personal hygiene. Alsoie, risk of catching those who go to public places, such as saunas, swimming pools, gyms without changing shoes. Itself is also a serious cosmetic defect. Nails, diseased, thicken, discolor and even start to crumble. Do not despair, seeing the first signs, you should immediately contact the BPAchu.

We treat fungus correctly

Immediately it should be noted that in no case should not engage in self – You can only harm your body and start the disease. If for some reason you can not immediately get to the doctor, you can buy in a drugstore special treatmentthe first nail and spread them damaged nails – it will prevent further progression of the disease.

In the medical facility doctor who specializes in the treatment of such diseases, cut off a small piece of the nail to identify the species of fungus. If this initial stage, the doctor prescribes protivogribkovye type drugs. Because the fungus is treated with antiviral medications, doctor must prescribe probiotics that protect the body.

If access to a doctor was at a late stage, the doctor will perform the procedure to remove loose the affected part of the nail. If it is not removed, the drink antifungal preparayou no sense, because all the time will be self-infection. At home, remove the damaged part of the nail is not necessary, because the self-clean still will not work, but it is quite possible to injure the nail. After treatment again hand over control tests to ensure that the disease has receded.

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