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Vegetables. How to choose the seeds?

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Vegetables are an important part of the human diet, as well as in the diet is aliveotnyh. In vegetables contain carbohydrates, proteins. The main value of vegetables that they contain the active compound, various vitamins, minerals, pectins, as well as organic acids. It is often used in vegetable diets. For normal storage of vegetables, they are often canned, salted, pickled, zamorazhivayut and dried. For a large harvest, you will need to have had a high yield and resistance to external factors. Professional seeds, which are implemented in specialized outlets - is the key to a rich and generous harvest. The list of plants whose seeds are realized for growing in home or farmland, it is sufficientbut wide, watermelon, cabbage, squash, melon, eggplant, cabbage, napa, peas, corn, onions, radishes, squash, beans, spinach and many others. Regarding the choice of seeds, it is important to have a variety of criteria.

For example, when choosing a watermelon seeds, be sure to pay attention to such features as:
1. Type of watermelon (seed or bezsemennoy);
2. Size (large, small);
3. The shape (round, oval);
4. Color (red, pink)
5. Taste (sweet, medium sweet, with pulp).

The main criteria yields when grown watermelon, is sunny and warm summers with little humidity. Cretese ries of quality seeds:
- germination;
- the number of germinated seeds;
- the speed and accuracy of germination;
- varietal purity.

In addition to these criteria are important:
1. Calibration - all seeds are the same size, and thus it is possible to obtain the correct patterning of culture.
2. Etc.poisoning seeds - provide protection against pathogens, as well as from various naughty.

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