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Anti-bedsore mattresses

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0 2028

In today's world, injuries - it's quite common Yawtion, which is, at best, ends with a certain period of rehabilitation, the aim of which is to restore life and physiological functions of the injured area or organ. Unfortunately, not so rare in our time of injury, the effects of which are partial or complete loss of motor reflexes, that is, the person Stanovitsya bedridden. This not only causes psychological distress, depression, but also the risk of developing such conditions as decubitus. From a physiological point of view, long-term stay in one position (sitting or lying) leads to the fact that the cells of the body (skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle tissue) begin to experience long, monotonousand the same type of load. This leads to the fact that the soft tissue is under constant pressure, and as a result, circulatory disorder. Insufficient inflow and outflow of blood is, in consequence, to the fact that soft tissue necrosis, which in a medical environment called bedsores. Depending on the stage of a bedsore, it is characterized by statepartial violation of the integrity of the epidermis to necrosis of tissues, as a result, it may be a cavity exposing located below the bone and tendon. In the latter case, the only option to save the limb or other body part that suffers from the excessive static loads, can become operation. But, as is well knownbut the problem, especially such is easier to prevent rather than cure. To do this, for the prevention and maintenance of normal loading dynamics of each individual patient's body surface area using special. It's kind of mattress orthopedic analogue, for example, on the basis of an independent unit of the springs. It also consists of separatex cells, but in contrast to the orthopedic variant, the cavity is filled with a cell does not spring from a compressed vozduhom.Kazhdaya cells individually connected to minikompressorom that are provided. It, in turn, is laid down by the program periodically changes the pressure in the cells, which in turn changes intensivnostnagruzki on certain areas of the body. Importanteyshim criterion when selecting anti-bedsore mattresses is the design concept: cell-based or cylinders. On this depends the maximum possible weight of the patient.

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