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Masterpiece Max Mascara by Max Factor

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What do you need for the modern woman of her dreams and the lack of discomfort in terms of beauty? Naturally, it is necessary, primarily, katative, vivid and memorable (and most importantly, stable) makeup. It is not only painted lips and powdery nose, actually around makeup, the most expressive eyes obektomyavlyayutsya. Their eyeliner, nakrashivaniyu, as they say, is given a lot of time each morning. One of the most impressive and expressive elements eyes Yawlyayutsya eyelashes, and the special ink to them is one of the most important cosmetics. Naturally, there is a place for branded products, which, as they say, keeps the brand. It just so happens that most of the challenges and profitable ideas in the world accounts for people who are not well educated or coddled big dohodami family. One of these was a Jew by birth Maximilian Faktorovich, worked as an assistant hairdresser and Ryazan, and in Odessa and Nikolaev. At the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, he and his family was in the United States, where he continued his work with a different adapted to the conditions of the society in the name of Gda?sk, which later gave the world the same name, allRNO famous brand Max Factor. One of the new, but already popular series of its products is a line of carcass -. It clearly shows the influence of modern technologies that have successfully combined to achieve the largest possible, but no less precise volume of hair. Using innovative brush makes eyelashes big idetially separated from each other.


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