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Births in the United States: the coveted citizenship or baby's health?

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Many mothers are eager to ensure that their future is smallLUN was released in the United States, because in this case it can apply for citizenship of the country. On the other hand, often become a real stress for a pregnant woman. Fresh air holiday and comfortable stay positive impact on the health of the crumbs, but there are some circumstances in which a tempting itemuteshestviya overseas should be abandoned.

These include:

  • sensitivity to abrupt change of climate;
  • protracted presence of acute or chronic diseases;
  • the appearance of disorders and diseases, which are caused by emotional experiences.
Of course, dual citizenship opens up significant prospects for the child. However, the mother and the fetus rather poorly protected against many adverse conditions and events, so the extra experience in similar situations are not wanted. Even if for the birth of American promise the title of President, prolonged sore throat and aboutaggravation of chronic gastritis should be treated in their community.

The future success of the cost of health?

Many ailments mother and her psychological discomfort and affect on the child. Susceptibility to colds and problems with the development often point to the complex during pregnancyand. Since it is assumed flight across the ocean, and overcoming the distance to the medical clinic, this step should be resolved only in the absence of pathological conditions and serious ailments. American citizenship is unlikely to develop complications of certain diseases, anxiety baby, a succession of sleepless nights and nervous breakdowns. Let ETSlanny choice will be deliberate!

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