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Lip correction using hyaluronic acid

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The modern woman is much more volatile than ee predecessor. Constant change their way of finding the most effective way to influence the minds of men, it is possible thanks to a well-developed chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Correction of the appearance concerns practically all moments and shape of the lips are not only not an exception but a definite pattern,fashion trend of its kind. Mainly as it hit the exterior of a modern stylish beauty are plump lips. You can achieve a similar effect by using purely visual effect (eg, competent study of lipstick and a pencil to outline shapes) or as a more radical way of physical changes in the shape andthe size of the lips. Everyone is familiar with the case of correction of this indicator by injection or implantation of silicone. Recently popular as physical correction of the lips using injections of hyaluronic acid. Its principal difference and advantage compared with silicon is its naturalness because, when this acidpresent and is synthesized in the human body, responsible for water exchange. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative to silicone injections. The saturation of certain portions of the skin of hyaluronic acid increases its resistance to compression, the formation of wrinkles. Despite the relatively high efficiency, daily use gialuronsoderzhaschih Weddstv may result in termination of its synthesis in the body, so the use of cosmetics based on it requires a cautious attitude.

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