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Perfumes for Women Bright Crystal by Versace

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Versace is an Italian company producer of fashionable clothes, perfumes andother items Rozko?. Also produces, luxury perfumes for men and women. Chustvenny and radiant fragrance SUBMITTED house Versace in 2006. Flower arrangement in the top notes sparkle in the seeds of pomegranate and rose in the heart notes of magnolia, lotus, peony. Concludes the note contains mahogany, musk, ambergris. According to an old legende said so that your favorite music inspired by Donatella Versace Alberto Morillas in harmony to create these spirits. Versace fragrance is designed for women of strong, chustvennyh and confident, who know his worth, deserve to be in the hands of a strong man. It is also a beautiful bottle in gentle - pink color if too attached to taste and aromatenderness, decorated Krischke - crystal that shimmers in the sun. Also to its entirety together with the spirits attached tester which demonstrates once manufacturers on the market. Even the slightest differences between the tester and the original is not seschestvuet to have some doubts did not cause it. The only difference is in the fact that the tester is not Officiobelorussian packaging, but only in a cardboard box and is not equipped with a lid. that's why the lower price on the tester. Shining diamond purity, luxury perfume has become the new romantic version of the brand. Woman kotoroya chooses Versace, always charming, gentle, confident sophistication and warm as if shrouded train. Beauty whoSingle finds a perfume opens itself faces a brilliant option.


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