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Aroma Crystal Noir by Versace

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> The brand name has become synonymous with VERSACE soda, luxury and quality. Firmly entered the world of high fashion in the late 80s of the twentieth Islandka, thanks to the efforts of Gianni Versace and his family, the brand has never left the elite, winning wide number of fans around the world. Today it is not just a fashionable elite company, making clothes - is a conglomerate that places great emphasis on the production of the same expensive accessories, cosmetics, perfumes. Former SSCP, this brand was very popular, thanks to the typical attributes of the new Russian - crimson jacket. Nevertheless, the brand successfully introduced on the market and perfumes, in particular one of its most popular flavors - Versace. This black diamond (this is a translation of his name) was a breakthrough in perfumery, one of the most reveredMykh fashionable women fragrances, and this at a time when the whole business model Versace actually faded. This is one of those scents that fully reveals the essence of the woman, her inner world,   her desire to win the hearts and minds of men. It is, moreover, one of the flavors that indicate the presence of women, even after Singleits no longer there. A unique fusion of sensuality, tenderness, mystery and unrivaled chic taste. Crystal Noir - a complex floral-oriental fragrance, amazing generosity and kind of mysticism. He is perfect for totally different women - strong and confident business woman, passionate, sexy and unreal seducertions ladies.


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