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How to buy Ukrainian products?

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Ukrainian products

China has become Ukraine's largest trade partner in just a few years. In 2010, China's share in Ukrainian exports was only 2.6 percent, and in 2020 the figure rose to 14.4 percent. According to the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, by the end of 2020, the trade turnover between our country and the People's Republic of China exceeded billion. At the same time, the volume of exports almost caught up with imports from China.

The Ukrainian-Chinese partnership began almost 30 years ago with the signing of the Agreement between the government of Ukraine and the government of the PRC on trade and economic cooperation in 1992. This agreement established a favorable regime in relation to export and import duties on goods of two countries, as well as in terms of taxes and domestic duties. China is not only a powerful global manufacturer, but also a serious wholesale buyer, Ukraine is always ready to trade with such a partner.

We know that the needs of the Chinese market are very large and there are a wide variety of requests for all kinds of products. This fact stimulates Ukraine to establish close and mutually beneficial cooperation.

We offer China the best price for Ukrainian-made goods. That is reason why our country is targeting imports to China. We can help you find companies in Ukraine that have the goods and services that you are looking for and that are appreciated all over the world.

Our company will help at all stages of establishing trade relations and become a reliable partner for you.

What can you buy from Ukraine?

This country is known all over the world for its export potential. It supplies products of agriculture, food, woodworking, chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical engineering, metallurgical and light industries, as well as products from other areas of production.

Ukraine China trade – consultation

Our company will help you to select products according to your requests.

What we can do:

  • determine the best supplier, its reliability and product quality;
  • analyze the market prices offered by suppliers and propose the best option for you;
  • prepare all the necessary export documentation (certificates of quality, origin, etc.);
  • control the process of production, loading, delivery of products, as well as customs clearance;
  • become your trading partner, minimizing all the risks of Ukrainian exports;
  • protect your interests in case of disputes.

We put you in touch with Ukrainian manufacturers to establish profitable trade relations. Tell us what products or services you are looking for, and our company will find a reliable business partner for you.

Ukraine is a source of high quality and affordable products that will surely find a consumer on the world market. This is why many foreign entrepreneurs are interested in Ukrainian exports.

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