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Why is it better treated in clinics in Germany

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In today's world, a person is free to choose its sudbu yourself (well, at least this is his right to be declared by the Constitution). This fully applies to the right to health care. This is especially true in our country, where the state of the health sector, not only wants the best and is in pretty poor condition (despite the planned radical reform). That Is Why,quite reasonable and understandable is to use this right in full for the organization of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation processes in foreign clinics. The main difference from domestic medicine are:

  • high professional level of the medical staff;
  • The world's best equipment, techniques and technologies;
  • sufficiently clear system of physician-patient relationship, which is implemented as a thanks to professional ethics, mentality, and the status of paid medicine, which excludes any clandestine movements.

In the floortion as it can be felt by the example of his punctuality and thoroughness of the Germans. equipped with the most advanced equipment in Europe and highly qualified personnel. Such a harmonious tandem is possible through a combination of research and practical activities, the production base of medical equipment (the same Siemens). Every year clinical servicesto Dortmund, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and other medical centers in the country and Europe, uses a sufficiently large number of citizens of the former Soviet Union. German clinics have a fairly wide profile, although there are some specialized cardiac, orthopedic, oncology centers.

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