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Problems with bone on the thumb

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The problem is when (the so-called "bone") is sufficiently developedItijah, and not a new phenomenon. Annually with a similar pathology faced by millions of people on the planet, but as a rule, for the most part this disease affects women over the age of 40 years. By its very nature, a bone - it is nothing like joint inflammation (in this case - the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe). In the protsesse disease development phalanx arranged at an unnatural angle to each other, which occurs as a consequence of protrusion of one of them, with the subsequent development of the inflammatory process. The degree of manifestation of symptoms and pathology depend on the stage of the process, which is divided into four different in magnitude and angle of deflection of the phalanges:
  • initial (first) - deviation of about 20 degrees, causing aesthetic discomfort Sotho;
  • The second stage - deviation of 20 ... 30 degrees, causing discomfort and pain for longer stays on his feet;
  • tretya stage - a deviation of about 30 ... 50 degrees, which is accompanied by a palpable painful sensations, limited mobility;
  • The fourth stage - deviation values ??of over 50 degrees, is characterized by severe pain, discomfort, difficulty in finding comfortable shoes.

In fact, uncomfortable shoes - this is one of the direct ways to the development of disease, along with genetic predisposition, heavy-duty, including being overweight, the consequences of injury and illness.
As with most cases involving problems of the joints, the problem may either surgically or tonservativnym by (diet, proper shoes, exercise, massage, anti-inflammatory drugs.

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