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Ukrainians available the best in the world prosthetic hand

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Not many people know that one well-known company for the production of proprostheses was founded in 1919 in Germany. She still bears the name of its founder Otto Bock. Branches of companies operate in more than 140 countries worldwide. Such a number of representations necessary measure. Prosthesis is a serious matter and measurements under it should be removed individually, so it is important that the corresponding workshop and an opportunitydo the right thing.

In Ukraine, a division of « Otto Bock » 1997 works. Most know about it only because of a serious injury. After all, if you're looking for the best prosthesis, you will be referred to this workshop. Here to help in the manufacture of prosthetic arms and legs, a series of absolutely spetsifichesFIR solutions.

The most popular prosthetic hand. Of course, high, but this is due to the difficulty in reproducing fine motor system, and the need to individualize each prosthesis. Today « Otto Bock » offers three modules to restore various parts of the hand.

• Sensor Hand. The technology, which recognizes and surface types in accordance with data helps a person to coordinate their movement, keep the various items.

• DynamicArm. Technology, which provides for a hinged elbow. Despite the fact thatprosthesis large coordinate its movement is simply this proposal.

• Michelangelo. Artificial brush that is very similar to the present. Looks like it is not only in appearance but also in its capabilities.

technology improved, and every day there is something new. Xiefit, you can get a decent replacement even lost his hand. The company's specialists « Otto Bock » help you succeed in this difficult task.

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