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MEDNAYS - one of the best private clinics in Ukraine

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The Constitution of our country and mainly the basisFundamental task of the state sees the maintenance of life and the health of their fellow citizens. In this regard, regulated the exclusive right of citizens to a full, high-quality and, most importantly, free medical care. In practice, it turns out is not such a rosy picture, the quality of care is lame, training and level tehncal equipment does not meet modern requirements. And most importantly, modern medicine in Ukraine only on paper is free, but in practice, for all (from the medications to actually illegal remuneration doctor) behind the scenes to pay the patient. To solve this problem, a qualitatively new, European level can pomoschyu conditions that are created in private clinics:

  • First, in such establishments is organized clearly constructed system of payment for services and rising wages specialists. This leads to the fact that the patient knows exactly what and   how much to pay and specialist focuses exclusively on the slaveOTE and professional growth that is focused on gifts;
  • Second, these clinics are much better equipped MEDINSTRUMENT and technology, which allows for a much more qualitative level diagnosis and the necessary manipulations;
  • Third, excluding created hereyuchitelno comfortable conditions for the patient.

One of these clinics on the territory of Ukraine, is a private medical institution of a new type - Clinic MEDNAYS:. In the context of this clinic is very harmoniously professionalism, high quality and comfort of medical services provided to brokomu range of clients. Here you can expect guaranteed, both in traditional and in the exclusive own methods of treatment which has repeatedly confirmed its innovation and efficiency. Sphere of activity of the clinic include urological-proctology industry (proctology, urology, gynecology, reproductive medicine, andrology), Psychology and psychotherapy, neurology, diagnostic ultrasound system rehabilitation, massage and beauty services. Doctors Clinic MEDNAYS are regular training in the best medical centers in Europe and actively participate in   international conferences, symposia and   the forums, and in the diagnosis of diseases using a present-variables progressive techniques and the newest diagnostic equipment, which makes it possible to guarantee patients the clinic medical care of the highest level.

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