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What are the disinfectants

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Man every minute and every second is surrounded by a variety of bacteria, viruses, microorganisms thatwhen ingested, can, without a corresponding counter and countermeasures lead to quite disastrous consequences, of a blood infection before the development of serious diseases, such as hepatitis. Therefore, what the appearance of any injury (home, industrial or medical conditions the same) it must be treated with disinfectants. Sunwe eat are widely known to use alcohol as antiseptics and alcohol solutions of iodine, hydrogen peroxide, etc. zelenki This is the best available, which are widely used in household and industrial conditions. However, in the health care use to be more effective (antiseptic). In addition, an existing memberexists a group of disinfectants narrower, professional use, the effect of which is focused purely on certain distributors infections. The most effective means for directing (focal) and preventive measures for disinfection are:

  • DT-521 .Wonderful medical antiseptic used mainly in dental practice. Refers to the group of antiseptics aldehyde (glutaraldehyde-based) with a content of QAC (ammonium compound). Active ingredient of the drug well affect the sources with tuberkulidnoy, virucidal, bactericidal nature;
  • Akvaminol Forte Akvaminol . Preparations on the basis of the same ammonium compounds and triamine. This is quite a broad spectrum antiseptic action, which copes with fungal, viral, bacterial infectious agents. Actively used for disinfection MEDINSTRUMENT and valve systemstion, for example. In addition, substances that have excellent cleaning properties;
  • Alaminol, Alaminol Plus . Antiseptics based on ammonium and glyoxal (aldehyde). The most widely used class of antiseptics, with a wide spectrum of antimicrobial activity. In addition to high efficiencyof these antiseptics, due to the high concentration are quite economical;
  • Alpinol . Antiseptic based triamine   and PHMG. Low-toxic disinfectant for medical instruments;
  • Bianol . Disinfectant moh the same basis as the ACD-521, which is used when the need for disinfecting activities of the highest level.
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