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What is organic farming

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In today's world, high technology, it seems, touchulis virtually all spheres of human activity, including such, there seems to be, natural areas as agriculture. On the other hand, it is quite logical fact, because the world population is growing and in need of large amounts of products. At the same time, significantly depleted acreage that require constant signatureki by fertilizers and protection against the effects of weeds and pests (insects, rodents and the like. p.). In recent years, to alleviate all this technological chaos in fashion is a concept. This innovative approach to growing plants, which excludes the possibility of using all possible chemical compounds used for fertilizerI and the regulation of plant growth, as well as protection against pests (pesticides, herbicides, nitrate, and so on. d.). In fact, there is nothing new, as in rural areas Since the dawn of the century thus being agricultural work, but in the case of cultivation on an industrial scale - it really is an innovation. Another key difference from the tra-traditional farming methods, approaches and techniques is to prepare the ground: in the case of organic farming, it does not dig and do not plow, and produce surface backwash (usually, its depth is in the range of 5-10 cm). In addition, no use of chemical fertilizer (as mentioned above), but instead they are biologically applicatione materials and preparations (manure, compost, ash, and so on. d.). This approach saves a lot of time, effort and money, but absolutely improve environmental and natural harvest.

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