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How to form water on the planet

January 06 2015

The amount of water on our planet ogrebut. Yuri Gagarin is often called our planet blue ball. This is not surprising, because approximately 71% of the land area is covered with water, and the average depth of the oceans is 3.7 km. By the way, a remarkable similarity, the human body is about as percent water.

The volume of all rivers, seas and oceansin so great that if you imagine it by 1 km thick, its height took to the Earth-Sun 9 times back and forth. We all know that where there is no water, no life, especially without. But the question is: where did the water itself?

After all, when the Earth was formed, it was just a huge meltlennym ball. It's as if all the volcanoes of time would splashed all lava. Moreover, the atmosphere of our planet first few million years, almost entirely of toxic gases. We know that volcanoes emit lava and ash, that is actually the fire. However, as it turned out, volcanoes emit water! In volcanic gases with steamleaves about 60%.
Scientists believe that the young earth under the influence of high temperatures that were at the core, has fractured into layers of hydrogen and oxygen, which are reacted. Because of this reaction to the Earth through volcanoes and then began to leave
water vapor. Later, these pairs condensealis, rain fell, and the first oceans. Japanese scientists in support of this hypothesis found in the water so-called “ heavy hydrogen & rdquo ;. Which, they believe, originated at the first chemical reactions occurring inside the Earth.

How convincingly this theory does not sound, many scientistsit does not agree. They believe that the water was brought to earth asteroids containing ice. When burned asteroids in Earth's atmosphere, water evaporates from them, and then condensed and rain falls, filling the oceans. Immediately after formation, the ground collapsed billions of asteroids that have brought us here the water.

Surprisingly, the consensus among scientists about the emergence of no water. However, the majority of them concurs that clean fresh water and water from the oceans on earth has both terrestrial and cosmic origin. It is established that
every year asteroid hits the planet about 1.5 cubicx kilometers of water. In general, scientists have heated debates over whether, in what proportion the water flew from space and on Earth originated. When asked where in
water space scientists also no clear answer.

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