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Mattresses Sleep and Fly Organic

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Dream - is not only enjoyable, but also useful, vital process. Insleep restores vitality of the body, accumulates the energy potential of the next day. Its importance can talk more and the fact that the average person about a third of their lives sleeping. Naturally, the quality of sleep and, consequently, the quality of recovery depends on the quality of the mattress, because it ensures a maxca ure correct body position. Modern orthopedic mattresses were widely spread among the population, which automatically resulted in the development and the search for new design solutions. Especially against this background that the diversity of manufacturers and models, I would like to mention a collection of mattresses Sleep and Fly Organic.By the way, they can be purchased from the online store 101 matras:. This Collection consists of five different mattresses, which, however, have a high level of quality, the use of materials with exceptional hypoallergenic properties, filling, which is able to withstand long-term operation and a lot of weight (efficacy proofto up to 150 kg for one half of the surface). The collection Sleep and Fly Organic consists of the following five types of mattresses:

  • Epsilon . Mattress spring-type block-based springs IQ Spring. On both sides of the block is limited hydrocarbon (carboxylic) foam and dressed in Case biohlopka;
  • Omega . Spring mattress increased rigidity, which in comparison with the previous has additional layers of coconut;
  • Gamma . The mildest of the whole collection spring mattress;
  • Beta . Mattress Wirelesszhinnogo such as filling, which uses a hydrocarbon foam block (Carbon Foam);
  • Alfa . Soft spring mattress, in which the hydrocarbon foam layers are replaced with natural latex (Bio Latex).

According to the materials:

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