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Orthopedic mattresses and features

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All human life - a movement, constantly, but with regular stops to restore vital functions oporganisms, its energy potential. In human life, including regular stops is a dream. If you look at the statistics, then by simple logical reasoning, we arrive at the conclusion that the person is asleep about a third of his life. Throughout this period will differ reliability and efficiency only when during sleepwill be provided with the most natural posture, that is, all the vertebrae are evenly distributed along the length of the spine and intervertebral discs to be infringed upon (ie, no longer in operation). Well, it would be logical to assume that this is the position ultimately depends on what a person is sleeping, that is the design of the bed or matraca.

Standard sofas and cotton mattresses are physically unable to realize this plan. Such a possibility can only be opened when used mattresses. By the way, buy a quality mattress you can in the online store:. Its design should ensure maximum Horntalnoe posture, and hence the spine, regardless of the posture in which the person is asleep (on the back, on one side, on the stomach).

Modern orthopedic mattresses have two basic circuit performance: on the basis of the block of springs and springless based filler. Spring mattresses, in turn, can be produced on the basisve dependent (all springs have a flexible connection between them) or independent (each spring is in a separate pocket, and is not in direct contact with the neighbors) block. In the case of execution by springless scheme as a filler used a variety of flexible materials - coconut, polyurethane foam, gel, latex. Each of the materialov has a hardness that allows you to choose the right mattress for d each case.

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