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The use of sesame oil for the skin

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The woman at all times is a kind of ideal for men. Her beauty admired poets, in the name of her withovershali exploits of knights. Even now, when the world is far from those lofty ideals described in the chivalric legends and novels of the past, the woman continues to haunt the minds of men and drives them crazy. Naturally, such a reaction is the male half is legitimate only if the appearance of women, and on which the judge of beauty, will sootvetsLeica Geosystems. The modern way of life, bad ecology, stress, lack of rest and physical activity lead to the fact that the skin of women as one of the most sensitive components of the body, it becomes quite unaesthetic.

Wrinkles, increased job glands, loss of elasticity, etc.ezhdevremennoe aging - these are the challenges faced on a daily basis every woman. On how it responds to these manifestations depends on its external beauty. The skin needs daily care and protection to more long preserve their youth and freshness. To do this, in the arsenal of every woman must necessarily presence 'Vova cosmetics for daily skin care. This is especially true of the face, as it is reflected in it the greatest degree of female beauty (you can even say that it is actually synonymous). Often enough for daily care, moisturizing and skin saturation nutrients used in cosmetology. Do NotDespite the somewhat cryptic name for our latitude, the product from which the oil is extracted, we, in fact, is well known: it is nothing like sesame or Sims, known to all children on the fairy tale "Ali Baba". This oil is the richest source of vitamin E, which is actively nourishes the skin with nutrients, Intenseivno increases the tone of the muscle tissue of the skin and appearance. In addition to vitamin complex, sesame oil contains many important minerals and trace elements, among which the most important are:

  • sesamol - an effective barrier against UV radiation, as well as an excellent tool to counteract the development ofwrinkles;
  • lecithin, protein - are responsible for feeding and hydration of the skin, support flexibility and elasticity;
  • Magnesium - is responsible for the process of relaxation of muscle tissue.
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