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What is infant formula

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Having a baby is the most exciting eventeat in the life of any person. That feeling of parenthood (paternity or maternity), which begins to overflow both parents since the first cry baby, it's hard to compare anything. But the child - it's not a small doll, but a living man, which requires a very reverent care and regular meals, especially in the first six months of his life. Ogreohm role in this process is played by maternal breast milk - the source of all essential nutrients and protective barrier against external aggressive environment. Unfortunately, not always the mother and child, there is an opportunity to establish such a relationship: it is not produced in the mother's milk (whole or in insufficient), the body babyand can not physically tolerate lactose. In this case it is necessary to look for alternatives to milk, as up to six months the child's body physiologically able to assimilate any solid food. Almost salvation in such cases are the infant formula. By the way, the best quality for over 100 years produces the US company Abbott.Most often, such a mixture is called demineralized whey, ie composition, which most closely approximates to the natural breast milk. The composition of any mixture must include lactose, in one form or another, since it is a carbohydrate vital to a child up to six months. Besides her, in mixtures Mandatoryflax should include components such as iodine, taurine, complex fatty acids, nucleotides. Naturally, none of the mixture can not be compared with the natural mother's milk, but it can effectively solve the problem of feeding, when to do it the traditional way is not possible.

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