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Angiopathy of lower extremities in diabetes

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Among endocrine diseases in our time the first placetakes diabetes, especially type II diabetes circulated. This type usually occurs in the elderly, when the reduced function of the pancreas, and the cells that produce insulin are gradually beginning to die. When the disease type I insulin is not produced at all, and with proper treatment, the patient's condition can be quite successful claimodderzhivat. It is very difficult to treat if insulin is produced, it is very often complications. One of these complications is diabetic angiopathy of lower extremities. When this complication affects the nerves of the limbs and a small percentage of vascular lesions (20%).

There are two forms: Diabycal microangiopathy and diabetic macroangiopathy. When microangiopathy affected microcirculation and diabetic macroangiopathy - large arteries. When you observe a number of points. These are: the normalization of blood glucose normalization of cholesterol, smoking cessation, stabilization of blood pressure and body weight control and the skyever larger burden on the feet when using the right shoes.

also conducts and surgical treatment. There are several types: lumbar sympathectomy, bypass arteries, intravascular surgery. For positive results of treatment is necessary to normalize the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. To this is provided aI picked individually diet in which there are restrictions in refined carbohydrates and animal fats. And can not do on purpose insulin therapy or antidiabetic drugs (this depends on the type of disease). More common surgical treatment. And in wet gangrene and a progressive intoxication spend amplutatsiyu limbs.

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