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What is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

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MR — is the most effective, accurate and modern diagnostics in the world. Magnitno resonance imaging is a study that will provide very detailed information about the health status of all organs and systems of man. On examination, in different projections created a lot of pictures of all the organs and tissues. Accurate diagnosis are formulated after specialist assessment and treatment of the resulting images. This is odesJohn of the most accurate, informative methods for the study, diagnosis of all systems of the human body. Before   the beginning of the survey must be completed questionnaire, which specifies the brief information about the patient, as well as the state of his health. A survey carried out in spetspomeschenii where there is a special booth for personal belongings patientand a dressing. It is recommended to take off their clothes, and metal objects. If necessary you will be given beryushi and disposable clothing. It is also very important to survey wash cosmetics, which may contain metal impurities that hinder correct accurate diagnosis. The patient lay down the chimney magnetic resonance imaging. Area needof the study will be determined by a physician in advance. Usually survey takes about 10-20 minutes. At the time of diagnosis, the patient needs to lie still taking pictures. The patient was observed after spetsokno. In the pipe there spetsknopka, which is used for filing an alarm. Sometimes administered intravenouslycontrast agent to get a more accurate test results.

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