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Cancer treatment in Germany conducted by leading experts

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With oncology in Germany boryutsI highly skilled doctors, and in many cases, cancer treatment ends favorably. The patient has a good chance to enjoy a full life for many years. At a time when a person has no hope in their country, German doctors can work a miracle and change the verdict.

Today in clinical trials inLebanon enormous investments, and are used only in the treatment of advanced technology. Therefore, each client will apply exclusively individual approach. FP Medical Company is well aware of how important it is for the patient to hear positive news, so ready to contribute in the search for doctors, as well as the most effectiveth treatment methods.

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The cost of treatment depends on many factors – stage of the disease, which organs are affected with cancer, age category, in which the patient resides ... In addition, additional charge for pre-diagnosis. Also the price variesde- pending on the method of treatment. For example, minimally invasive surgery is a bit cheaper as opposed to radical surgery or brachytherapy. The cost of chemotherapy is calculated based on the number of designated courses. However, do not worry about the price because the company FP Medical can help you find the most affordable financiale solution.

held more than a hundred years

The effectiveness of cancer treatment in German hospitals proved long ago. More than 50% of patients get rid of the disease completely in the event of timely treatment. Particular attention is paid to the diagnosis. For cancer detection, staging and type ofdisease using the appropriate set of methods:

1. Ultrasound examination of vessels and internal organs.

2. Advice from a qualified oncologist in conjunction with specialized doctor, for example, a urologist or gastroenterologist.

3. Biopsy.

4. Cytological and laboratory studies.

5. Computed tomography.

6. Magnetic resonance imaging.

7. Radiological research.

It was only after the examination, the doctor will prescribea treatment that can later be adjusted, in the case of improvement or deterioration of the patient's condition.

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