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Thrush, the causes and symptoms of the disease

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Thrush (or candidiasis) –a disease that affects the skin, mucous membranes and internal organs. Cause disease yeast fungi such as Candida. Name « thrush » arose on the basis of white cheesy discharge from the vagina consistency that occur during disease. More detail about thrush, visit the website

Candida fungi are   components of normal vaginal microflora, but only in small quantities. When the mushrooms are actively multiplying, they contribute to the development of symptoms of thrush. The conditions for the appearance of candidiasis also arise in the case of low immunity, if not the power supply system, hormonal imbalance .

In fact, the thrush is not hazardous to health, even in the case of spread of the disease to the internal genital organs, but gives the patient discomfort. Therefore, noticing the first symptoms, you must nazamedlitelno come to the reception to the doctor, who put diagnosis and specify appropriate circuit   treatment. LeOff the need to be carried out in two steps:

  • to begin to address the causes of active reproduction of the fungus (change power scheme, cancel hormonal medications);
  • is then assigned an appointment directly antifungal medicines and vitamins.

Thrush occurs in both women and men, but men fungal disease called Candida balanoposthitis. In most cases, the disease occurs in men who suffer from diabetes, obesityor have a reduced immune system.

The symptoms of thrush

Symptoms in women:

  • severe itching, burning and pain in the genitals and vagina;
  • cheesy white discharge consistency in largeamounts;
  • pain during urination and sexual intercourse.

Thrush in men occurs is not so noticeable, but in some cases they are also concerned about the itching and burning, pain during urination, and a whitish coating on the head of the penis.

Candida fungus to multiply the necessary enabling environment, such as not too acidic environment and reduced immunity of the person.

The reasons that trigger proliferation of the fungus are:

  • negative consequencesEMA antibiotics;
  • low immunity;
  • an imbalance in the system, metabolism, diabetes mellitus;
  • the wrong power supply circuit, the lack of vitamins needed by the body;
  • hormonal medications, pregnancyst;
  • close synthetic underwear that does not create the possibility of air.

As a result of overgrowth of the fungus colony it destroys cells lining the genital mucous. Dangerous health effects disease carries, but brings discomfortand interferes with the normal conduct of a sexual life. Extremely rare candidiasis becomes a chronic disease that can affect the operation of nearby organs.

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