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What to give year-old child

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« inexorably How time flies BPemya & raquo ;. &Ndash; sometimes we wonder. It seems like only yesterday you celebrated the wedding of your best friends or relatives, and tomorrow you go to the birthday of their year-old child. And as has become customary, « dry » his head question: « gifts? & raquo ;, because in the life of a child is the first significant date. Of course samand the best gift for a child not to restrict his freedom of movement, to allow him to do whatever he wants, but alas, so do not try so choose.

All gifts can be divided into two groups – for both parents and child. Before buying a gift is sometimes necessary to consult with parentsand maybe they will have some suggestions. Well   and if you decide to make a surprise, remember the main board - a gift should not harm the health of the child.

So, choose a toy:

1) car- wheelchair with vivid details that can twist;
2)   Rocking (Global Developingby coordination, motor skills, dexterity and strengthen the muscles);
3)   strollers for dolls for   Development   games;
4) bike with handle;
5)   sled;
6) play tents and houses;
7) toys – puzzles, designers and cubes
8) musical mats;
9) gaming tables.

If you opted for practical gifts, we advise you to give serebrnnuyu spoon, engraved with the name of the child; children's tableware made of silver, linens, quality toothbrush, pajamas embroidered with baby's name.

And remember, it is necessary to choose a gift from the heart, only then he receivedECET most use and enjoyment.

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