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Increased heart rate (pulse)

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Increased heart rate – these are the first symptoms of tachycardia, with which very often turn to aardiologu. This is a problem faced by children and adults. At normal pressure, increased heart rate does not require the intervention of specialists. Medical assistance is needed with increasing heart rate without any basic reason. Pulse returns to normal on their own at physiological tachycardia. If there is no apparent cause tachycardia, should see a doctorDo ECG and examination as this may be a symptom of heart health problems.

But? The first - it will calm down and lie down in a comfortable position. Must be straight, breathe deeply and slowly. Perfectly suited heart drops Valocordin, Valerian, Validol, Motherwort. It is important to give a sip of cold water, whichhelp calm the heart.

If the cause of a large pulse stress - need to calm down, relax, meditate, try not to think about the problems.

If all of this and slave drugs do not help, you need to seek medical care. Do not rush and take a strongernye drugs to a medical examination.

Be sure to determine the cause of a great rate and establish the correct diagnosis. Necessary to exclude tea and coffee. If there is an excess of excess weight, you must get rid of him. To normalize the heart, there are several methods. This medication, and meanstraditional medicine and nutrition, and healthy lifestyle and proper. The combination of all methods to quickly and for a long time to fix your health.

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