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Coffee and its effects on the human body

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Coffee loved by many and is present in almost every home, one of the most popular and frequently used drinks a lot of Ludad. It consists of caffeine - is the main substance that is a stimulant, accelerates blood circulation in the brain, helps improve concentration, reaction, physical stamina, improves performance, and contribute to a good mood. It helps to develop a hormone of joy. Caffeine - a psychostimulant substance whichremove confusion and drowsiness acting on the central nervous system as a positive pathogen.

Coffee dilates blood vessels, increases blood pressure by helping to strengthen the heart. Also activated gastric activity. It is not recommended to drink coffee do not eat anything before it. To the coffee was not so strongit was diluted with cream and milk. People who have problems with blood vessels and the heart is not recommended to use this drink often, and should be treated with caution.

In general you can not abuse the coffee, you can not drink too much and often, making it at the same time too strong. Does not harm the coffee beans are cookedfritted correctly using the coffee maker. This drink is very useful for athletes. He even recommended to drink before a workout two cups to relieve muscle pain during exercise and facilitate the process is not an easy exercise, as it increases the breakdown of glycogen, glucose support. Coffee will be useful for people with problemsand digestion with food, which acts as a laxative, as activates the intestine.

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