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serum drink Milky Fruit

We offer you a unique new product that is unparalleled in the market - whey drink Milky Fruit.

Wonderful taste and aroma, the calorie absolute naturalness - the main advantages of the product. It contains no colorants, flavors or preservatives, the drink can be consumed in the diet of children from one year.

Milky Fruit is extremely useful: it includes just three natural juice - banana, pineapple, apple, as well as live bacteria, prebiotics, probiotics and lactobacillus, a beneficial influence on the normal intestinal microflora.

Whey also helps to normalize the activity of intestinal flora, hinders the process of gassing and putrefactive processes. In addition, it helps rid the body of toxins and excess fluid, perfectly satisfies hunger and positive effect on strengthening the immune system.

Citrus pectin and regulates digestion and bowel movements, helps to eliminate toxins from the body.
Useful properties of natural juices are invaluable: banana juice - a good source of potassium and magnesium, it has a tonic effect, increases the mood.

Apple juice - an excellent source of iron, vitamins and minerals that are in easily digestible form. It is rich in organic acids, carbohydrates and protein, fiber, and tannins. Apple juice helps recover quickly during exercise, it is recommended to drink for constipation, digestive problems, for the prevention of colds, as well as joint inflammation, arthritis, arthritis, liver disease.

Pineapple juice is useful for weight loss because it contains bromelain - a substance that improves fat metabolism. It helps break down fats and remove them from the body.

Lactobacilli are actively involved in metabolic processes, in the processes of digestion and absorption, produce various enzymes, including lactase (which allows you to digest and absorb milk sugar lactose). They also play an important role in the metabolism of bile acids contribute to the digestion of protein synthesis and absorption of amino acids, all the B vitamins, vitamin C, contribute to the removal of toxins.

Lactobacilli are actively involved in the regulation of cholesterol, thus reducing the danger of cardiovascular complications.
In addition, they, along with other beneficial bacteria, prevent the development of infectious - inflammatory diseases.

Propionic acid bacteria - are actively involved in the ferme.

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