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The correct choice of bed linen

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Really quality underwear - is the key to a healthyon and good mood for the whole next day. About how to choose the right it will tell us Karpov RN - employee online store bed linen. Choosing a house linen for bed, you must first decide on the cloth, then with styles and colors.

Do not choose a bed made of synthetic material, ie,ak as the body does not breathe, and even beat some tissues shock. Very good fabric for bed linen was and still is. This fabric is environmentally friendly, has an excellent indicator of hygroscopic (property of the tissue to absorb moisture), so that the body can breathe. Len never cause allergies, have a massage effect, prevents the WHOpenetration of fungal diseases. In general, bed linen from flax will last a very long time, about 300 washings without losing original quality.

In Western countries, such as stable underwear holds a leading position in the market and among the population. A material such as calico much easier and cheavle but equally practical. But when choosing a bed of calico to be careful, because it has two types of netting (a rare and dense). With rare it is not very high quality, as with frequent washings, it tends to shrink and sizes naturally decrease. This linen should be washed in cold water only. Another often usedmaterials such as satin, cotton poplin and many others.

To select a worthy, in all senses, underwear need to look at the seams and processing (It is compulsory to use it the laundry seam). Yarn used for sewing, must be sufficiently dense, match the tone of laundry. Quality underwearfor your bedroom is light and pleasant odor (smell of mildew, mustiness, and even more so - dyes, clearly indicates that the laundry is not quality). And another important aspect of sizes, in particular, a duvet cover, should be sized slightly larger than the quilt.

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