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Flu-like symptoms and its treatment

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One of the most common diseases and the most frequent in winter and autumn paragraphHeat-- it's the flu. This disease is very common and infects people of all ages. The causative agent of influenza occurs in the human body by airborne droplets. In most cases, the flu is manifested with the common cold.

This is the most basic signs (symptoms) of influenza:

1. Severe headache;
2. Runny nose;
3. The temperature of about 38.6 degrees;
4. Pain in the joints, throat;
5. Loss appetite.

The first appearance of flu symptoms need to stop its further development. That immunity could not resist, it is necessary to constantly strengthen because everything depends on it.should be prompt and timely.

The first thing - the use of large amounts of liquid (water, better compotes, fruit drinks), wearing a gauze bandage, comprehensive antiviral drug three times a day for the first 3 days. Comply with bed rest and bring down the temperature to 37.5% (this temperature witnessexists that produced the desired body mechanisms to fight the virus).

Drug treatment is determined by the severity of your illness, the treatment is well integrated with the reception of a large number of vitamins. Influenza has a good means of Panadol, and interferon. These funds are good killvirus in the body and do not give a chance for its reproduction and distribution.

You also need to do inhalation with garlic or onion, the two plants are very effective in the fight against influenza. You can even cut the garlic in half and   put in the room, so he killed the surrounding viruses (as experience shows,this simple method gives excellent results).

You can still make compresses with mustard plasters (if the temperature is absent), rinsing the mouth with honey or furatsilinom. And most importantly - a room ventilation, wet cleaning, and plenty of fluids. Very effective currant berries, as in dried form, as well as with jam. He get sick and stay healthy.

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