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Blanks for vyshivanok

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Embroidery has a long history of origin. The very first memory of embroidery refers to primitive cultures. Today vyshiVank enjoys even greater popularity in the wake of the national-patriotic enthusiasm in the state and people's minds. Are now on sale shirts are very expensive, if it is of course embroidered handmade and of appropriate quality. Significant savings on the purchase, but still feel the process itself can be, embroidering her self parkingflax, using blanks for embroidery. These blanks are drawing, which is printed on the fabric and serves as a stencil for the future of embroidery. This approach allows you to sew a shirt, even those who do not have special skills in sewing, eliminates the need to count cells (as it does on paper charts), to calculate the size and t. N. By the way, in Ukraine quality billet offers embroidery.

Choosing a workpiece, it is necessary to consider the following:

1. The cloth should only be natural (linen, calico, canvas);
2. In ornaments may be present different patterns, some can be embroidered threads, and oftens - beads.
3. For quicker and easier embroidery on the workpiece water-soluble marker pattern should be made.

The range of workpieces is very wide: for women with romantic notes and delicate pastel shades for men - a folk tune for kids - the best and most beautiful.

Harvesting embroidery consists of the following elements:

- the fabric on the back;
- fabric with a pattern on the chest;
- fabric with a pattern on the sleeves;
- insert the belt;
- interlining.

For everyone at home to sew yourself and your family embroidered, enoughto choose and buy a blank, and the rest is not difficult, but it would wish. Designers have developed patterns based on traditional patterns, for every taste and color.

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