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The healing properties of plants, of which we have forgotten

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0 2008

Everything that is created in Nature – cosgiven to man, just today we have forgotten how to use her generosity, and in fact if you think about it any weed could be an excellent remedy for the most incurable diseases. We have almost forgotten knowledge of our ancestors and all that we are now able to, it is of historical value, and in fact have considerable value and ancient knowledge of travolechens who do not like to buy a handful of coins.

Return to natural sources of healing

This world is becoming more and more technologically advanced, and the people in it are moving farther away from nature, rolling it into the asphalt. In order to support your body, a person drinks the set of all tabletsForgetting completely about the people's recipes, which are based on the knowledge of nature, plants and herbs.

underestimate what today reached a medicine, is also wrong, just need to intelligently combine medication with the gifts of our nature and to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

The knowledge of healing herbs allowed to accelerate the development of modern medicine in terms of developing fitopriparatov and homeopathy. It is no secret that many doctors but the appointment of synthetic drugs, and herbal suggest to use. So, for example, in the treatment of pyelonephritis necessarily offer drink infusions of rose hips and leaves of bilberry, because,they are known to have excellent anti-inflammatory and cleansing effect. With the help of herbal infusions can strengthen your immune system and calm the nerves, herbs are also used to compress and rastirok.

Today, many are returning to natural sources of healing diseases, as they are completely naturelnym and have no synthetic impurities. However, herbalism loves moderation, as well as some herbs with significant use of the toxic properties of the show, so before you start herbalism, you should consult a doctor or seek help from a homeopath.

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